Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino

wild horse pass hotel and casino

Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino

“Gila River Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino – Wild Horse Pass has everything you could possibly need in a western-themed lodging experience. It’s a must-try for anyone who’s looking for a true Western theme, or an exciting opportunity to get out on the open range.” “The Gila River Hotel and Casino – Wild Horse Pass is a one-of-a-kind gambling and lodging experience that deliver thrilling nightlife, fun family attractions and thrilling slot and table gaming with a modern flair. Please note: The Gila River Hotel and Casino will be closed until 8/3/20.”

“This unique western style hotel offers guests a chance to experience what the pioneers had to face in their effort to build a new frontier through the great outdoors. We offer a world-class guest service and exceptional hospitality with an emphasis on providing quality amenities. Please note: Guests staying at the Gila River Hotel and Casino will not be able to play slot and table games after 8/3/2020.” “We provide a variety of accommodations. Our guests have the ability to select from single, double or triple suite accommodations in addition to private lodgings and suites.”

“The Gila River Wild Horse passes Hotel and Casino is situated in the heart of the Gila National Forest. It sits near the town of White Pine, approximately fifty miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona.

“The Gila River Hotel & Casino provide guests with a truly unique experience. Our five and a half acre campground offers an array of campgrounds, cabins, camping facilities, horseback riding, and boating opportunities. There are also many walking trails, picnic areas and walking paths.

“When compared to a typical resort or hotel, our unique environment allows us to offer more personal service and a more personal touch. Our staff are friendly and make you feel welcome. The service is professional and courteous and is always there when you need us.

“If you’re looking for a unique experience and want a break from the busy life of a big city, then our Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino can give it to you! Our guests enjoy all the excitement and fun of a city atmosphere but still feel like they’re on the open range.”

“This unique Gila River Hotel and Casino offer you all of the comforts and conveniences of home, but in a small, peaceful setting. Our guests enjoy a variety of accommodations. Most of our rooms come equipped with televisions and air conditioning systems.

Our Gila River Hotel and Casino is located in the heart of the Gila National Forest and is adjacent to the historic Wild Horse pass Resort. This location makes it easy to reach all parts of Arizona from our location. We have access to the best hunting grounds, and the Gila River is close to the Grand Canyon and the national parks of northern Arizona.

“With its unique blend of luxury and modern technology, the Wild Horse Pass is designed to take your mind off of the hectic city life. Our suites include a private swimming pool and spacious living areas with the latest amenities.

Our guests can also enjoy delicious meals at one of our many restaurants, while watching the sun go down on the Wild Horse Pass. Our staff is very friendly and ready to help your family enjoy the special vacation of a lifetime.

“With our excellent accommodations, world class entertainment and outstanding dining, the Wild Horse Pass hotel and Casino is one of the best accommodations around. Our staff will be happy to assist you throughout your stay at our Gila River Hotel and Casino.”

“Our staff is committed to providing each and every guest with a relaxing and memorable stay at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino. Our staff is trained and licensed to provide outstanding customer service.”