Wild Horse Casino Phoenix, AZ – Best Vegas Review

wild horse casino phoenix

Wild Horse Casino Phoenix, AZ – Best Vegas Review

When I moved to the Wild Horse Casino in Phoenix, AZ a few months ago, I was pretty excited to check it out. Of course I knew I would be spending a fair amount of time in this Arizona town. However, when I came across Wild Horse Casino Phoenix, AZ I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t been planning any dates there.

While it’s true that I’ve never had any problems with the Wild Horse Casino Phoenix, I thought I would at least take some time and see what was there. My excitement over moving to this new casino seemed to reach its peak once I discovered what was available. The Wild Horse Casino Phoenix is located in Phoenix, just two miles west of downtown Phoenix.

There are also shops, a food court, shopping plaza, movie theater, bowling alley, and plenty of lodging options for people visiting this town. One of the more unique things about this casino is its specialty slot machines. The Wild Horse Casino Phoenix offers them for those who like to play the traditional slot games but have other types of action they would like to try as well.

Most of the slot machines in the Wild Horse Casino are all-time favorites. They have one machine that pays out a seven-digit number but will only pay out when you hit a “triple three” (three all-hands). This means that instead of paying out the winning number when you hit it, it pays out the three numbers. I’ve played this slot game and I really don’t think I have ever hit three all-hands in a row.

The Wild Horse Casino Phoenix also has a machine that pays out a seven-digit number, a triple nine, and if you hit a double three when it shows it, it pays out a double nine. After hitting all three all-hands, it gives you a double nine. It is possible to hit a triple nine with these three all-hands.

Although I have played on the Wild Horse Casino, I haven’t spent any time playing these different machines. But, I did find that if you use some of the different games offered there, there are many options for fun entertainment. When I first arrived in this town, I wanted to go to the Arizona Zoo but since it’s a big place to park, I decided to head to the Wild Horse Casino instead.

In addition to the slot machines at the Wild Horse Casino, there are also other things for you to play at. For example, the race track has raced for people of all ages and abilities. I tried one of the horseracing games and it was fairly exciting.

Also, there are games available for those who would rather spend their time playing games than at the casino. You can also walk around and visit the shops sell things to get you ready for your trip to Arizona. There are animals for you to touch and you can buy other merchandise.

Another thing you might like to do at the Wild Horse Casino is shop. The shopping area includes a supermarket, a casino, and a shop where you can buy souvenirs. There are several vendors who provide good things at very reasonable prices.

While it is the Wild Horse Casino that attracts most of the tourists to this town, I did find that there are several other things to do. I’ve visited the zoo, the Arizona Science Center, and the Arizona Historical Society museum. While I’ve always enjoyed seeing Arizona’s wildlife, this one was especially exciting.

There are a lot of places where you can eat; I’ve eaten at some that were great and some that were not so great. In any case, a lot of these restaurants offer different types of food for different tastes. If you’re more of a pizza or Italian kind of person, you will probably like some of the foods offered at these restaurants.

Although the Wild Horse Casino is located in a major part of town, it is actually in a small strip mall and there is an attached store and arcade. This location is convenient for people who are driving through or stopping by to shop and then drive back to the casino.