Wild Horse Casino Buffet Has All the Entertainment You Can Handle

The Wild Horse Casino Buffet, or Wild Horse Inn as it is called locally, is a one stop destination for all the entertainment, food, and lodging you will need for your next casino gaming adventure. “Wildhorse Casino Resort & Hotel is one of Oregon’s premier gambling destinations. Located in the heart of Oregon’s beautiful Blue Mountain National Park, Wildhorse has been named one of the most luxurious gambling destinations in the world.

“This is a true casino resort,” says David W. Pritchard, Wild Horse Inn owner and general manager. “The casino and dining experience is second to none in the world.” “The beauty of Wild Horse Resort & Hotel is its combination of old and new. At the top of our mountains, nestled amongst the rushing wheat fields of Western Oregon, rests a unique getaway: Wildhorse Casino Resort & Hotel. We offer the best in accommodations, services and entertainment, all under one roof.

“You can choose from the Wildhorse Casino Club which offers casino members exclusive access to the casino while they are on vacation, to the Wild Horse Club which provides daily food and beverage coupons and casino updates to its members, or the Wild Horse Casino Party which offers discounted casino passes and discounts on food and drink. The Wild Horse Family Room is perfect for young and older guests alike. With twenty-four hours of complimentary babysitting, we invite you and your family to bring the baby and the dog for a relaxing stay with a hot cup of cocoa, an evening of casino entertainment or a game of card games.

“As you explore Wildhorse, you will be able to enjoy complimentary casino games at the Wild Horse Poker Game and at the Wild Horse Slot Arcade. At the Wild Horse Barbeque Place, enjoy the award winning chicken and beef casserole and prime rib dinner along with live music or visit the Wild Horse Country Club where you can play poker or take part in a country club trivia night or play slots.”

The Wild Horse Casino Buffet offers a wide variety of dining options including the Wild Horse Cafe, Wild Horse Dining Room, The Wild Horse Grill, Wild Horse Restaurant and The Wild Horse Pub which serves up southern-style country pub fare. Whether you want to dine in your very own casual Wild Horse Cafe or sit at the bar at the Wild Horse Restaurant, you will be treated to all the cuisine you would expect from an authentic Wild Horse Casino Resort.

“We also have a private horseback riding range right outside of our casino that our customers love!” says Dave Pritchard.

The Wild Horse Casino Buffet will feature a bar for you to enjoy drinks while gambling your favorite slots or playing the wild card games that make Wild Horse Casino Resort & Hotel famous. With a free shuttle service to and from the casino and a large selection of slot machines to play, Wild Horse Casino Buffet is a great place to go when it comes to entertainment.

So whether you are looking for a romantic getaway with your sweetie or simply looking for a relaxing escape from the world of work, the Wild Horse Casino Buffet is an ideal choice. With a wide range of food and drink specials including a complimentary beverage every hour, Wild Horse Casino Buffet is a great place to take the family.

With many local restaurants located in close proximity to the Wild Horse Casino Resort & Hotel, you will not be far away from a wonderful meal. While dining at one of the many fine dining restaurants in Wild Horse, you will be able to dine on the Wild Horse Grill’s delicious chicken and beef casserole which are prepared with only the freshest ingredients and served with an award winning sauce.

The Wild Horse Buffet also has a large number of entertainment options, ranging from live music and shows, to live casino tournaments and a variety of live entertainment acts. You can watch as the Wild Horse Casino Resort & Hotel bring live music on the Wild Horse Stage or take part in a live casino game while you eat, drink and gamble in the Wild Horse Cafe.

In order to experience the Wild Horse Casino Buffet’s unique offerings you must purchase a Wild Horse Hotel Card at the time of check-in. It’s a very simple process that is simple and convenient.