What to Expect From Wild Horse Pass Casino Entertainment

If you enjoy an entertaining casino then Wild Horse Pass is the one to visit. This is a casino that has been around for over sixty years and has been the site of many stories. Here are five of the stories that have been told about this Wild Horse Pass casino.

It was originally a planned community but was left to the vagaries of Mother Nature. It was this location that inspired the Wild Horse Pass Casino to open its doors to the public in 1980.

The original founder of the casino was a man by the name of Roger Phelps. He owned a newspaper and even acted as the publisher of the paper. In 1951, he decided to move his casino to this location.

Today, this casino offers entertainment that is second to none. There are a number of shows on the weekends that can be enjoyed by those that attend the casino on a regular basis.

A horse show is held every Saturday during the winter months and this attraction draws large crowds of people to Wild Horse Pass each week. The owners of the casino took great care in putting together the entire show so that it is a sight to behold.

Also located at Wild Horse Pass is the Gaslight Cafe, which serves some of the best espresso you can find anywhere. Here you can also indulge in the fine-dining fare that they offer. If you have had your fill of espresso, you can go back to their restroom facility that is available to you and relieve yourself in peace.

You will also find that the Wild Horse Pass Casino has an excellent and well decorated lobby. The lobby features a lot of pictures that tell the story of this casino. You can find all kinds of things from beautiful glass panels to the back of an antique caboose.

You will also find that the lights that are used for the casino are of the highest quality and that they are maintained properly at Wild Horse Pass. This casino is one of the cleanest establishments you will find in this area. They have a small waste bin located in the lobby area so that you will always know where your trash is going.

If you are interested in seeing some of the exotic animals that are available for viewing, then the circus is always a part of the Wild Horse Pass casino entertainment. These shows are conducted in the evenings and the prices at this Wild Horse Pass casino are reasonable. You may be able to get in for free or for a very low price depending on the time of year you are visiting.

Another attraction offered at Wild Horse Pass is the “carnival of the sky.” You will find many performers that you can enjoy at this Wild Horse Pass casino. You will also find a number of concerts that take place during the evening.

Here you will find some of the different genres of music that you can enjoy. Music, theater, comedy, dancing, exotic dancers, car show, and a number of other options that you can choose from. Even though the cost of admission is not expensive, there is still something for everyone.

There is an abundance of entertainment available at Wild Horse Pass. This is another casino that you can come and experience. Once you have had a chance to check out some of the shows that are offered, you will want to come back time again.